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The Ultimate Gaming Set up

Many travellers believe it is the gaming chair that makes or breaks a gamers ability to push further, beyond the fold. Little know the true secret, if you truly want the ultimate gaming set up that it is all about the desk! 

All of these images have been provided by Halberd Desk customers wanting to show off their Gaming Set up. Aren’t they mighty! We are proud to invigorate these avid gamers with colour, quality and functionality. We believe your gaming desk should be as unique as you are.

Take a look through the gallery and see what we’ve been up to. Maybe you’ll find the inspiration for your dream gaming set up

Halberd Gaming Desk - Gaming set up
Streaming - Gaming Set up

Ultrawide Gaming Set Up !

gaming desk with black desktop height adjustable
cyberpunk desk set up
White Gaming Desk with 3 Monitors
black gamign desk with noble chair streamer set up
clint eastwood gaming desk set up
High end flight simulator desk set up 6 monitors
orange desktop with 4 monitors
Gaming Desk Set up with LED's
white height adjustable gaming desk with 3 monitors
Blue Gaming Desk - 4 Monitors
teal streaming with 3 monitors
orange streamer desk
white office desk set up for gaming
114cm black gaming desk with steel legs and green gaming pc
114cm black gaming desk with steel legs and green gaming pc
white gaming desk for streamer
black gaming desk with 2 monitors
black gaming desk with speakers
gaming set up orange chair black desk
blue gaming desk with white legs
gaming set up with white desk


Over the last few years we have travelled around the country attending different exhibitions and events. From Insomnia to Comic Con’s, we’ve been embracing all the feedback and suggestions anyone can throw at us. At Halberd we believe in putting the customer first and the feedback on our gaming desks is invaluable. 

We have met many people along the way, and have had such overwhelming encouragement from our customers. We hope we have done everyone proud by repeatedly improving upon our quality and design.

Halberd logo on t shirt merchandise
insomnia gaming festival banner castle
Insomnia gaming festival banner
insomnia gaming festival halberd castle
Enhance your environment Halberd Logo fascia


We offer a range of furniture for offices, with personality and customisations found no where else! Long gone are the days of a dull and bleak office with no stimulus for employees. 

With Halberd desks you will provide the best possible in comfort, appeal and durability. The possibilities are endless and your staff will truly rally around a captain who makes their day to day lives better!

Not to mention the health benefits of a standing height adjustable desk.

blue and orange office desk set up
purple and orange office desk set up
purple and orange office desk set up
dark room neon gaming set up
Blue desks for yogscast office
blue gaming desk with mousemat
teal office desks
yogscast castors for desks
Streamer set up gaming desks
orange office desks with red legs
gaming desk with custom led legs yogscast
teal blue gaming desk with white legs
clean desk gaming set up
orange office desk with 3 monitors
black and white noir gaming desk set up
Pink streaming gaming desk
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