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Let's go back to the start

Years ago a gaming enthusiast sought to purchase the greatest desk in the world. Searching high and low, the only worthy examples were from far away lands. The shipping costs were too expensive for him. Drawing upon his ancestry of furniture manufacturing and retail, he decided it was time for a new brand to rise up. We are driven by the ambition to match and far exceed the other offerings!




Our passion is to provide the greatest quality possible as a result of that we have sought to keep our products entirely manufactured in the UK. Most of that is produced in North Yorkshire. For instance if you have ever heard about the superiority of Yorkshire Tea, you will understand the sort of desks you are dealing with here.

Starting by having our product manufactured by nearby partners. We have brought more of the manufacturing in-house. Even though we already beat the price of competitors with any offerings that get even close to our quality. Halberd have chosen to drop our price more and more. Instead of enjoying a larger margin!.  Although we probably should, these desks are for the gamers. Huzzah!

If you’re interested in being a part of our journey, or just want to know more about Halberd Desks check head over to our Contact Us page and we will be happy to help.

 Blue Gaming Desk with 4 Monitor set up



Halberd are thrilled to have kept in touch with most of our customers. We love to see the desks setup, and cannot thank everybody enough for the support and enthusiasm they display for our brand. We hope all our customers are proud of what we are achieving, and we love to flatter anybody on a return visit with the best possible deals.

Thank you, Halberdiers. Hope you are loving the desks!